Monday, December 27, 2010

-the past.-

And the note you sent me..

I’m, the person named Kim Xiao Lang, the lucky person coz meet with u.
Izzy Izzah, I ady forgot ur name.. -_-
The 1st time I accept ur friend request, I never know that u are a girl..
I thought u r a boy coz of ur style lah.
The 2nd time, u tell me ur truth identity. Haha, feel like im in He’s Beautiful drama,
For the next time, I started to feel awkward when chatting with u coz.. u r a
But it changes..suddenly.. I started being worried, scared to lose u. When u tell me
hows ur relation with ur friends, I feels worried, I really hopes can be on ur side,
protect u…
Looking at u, makes me remember my past. A boy that was ignored by friends, and
sucks with step family. But, its changed..Time makes us changed. But, I don’t want the time change our relationship. I’m scared if we ignore each other for tomorrow.
Although we are far away, but u are very near in my heart.
I wont let u know if I’m sad, or feeling weak. But u already know me.. very well…
Lose a friend like u, will makes me down, down,down,down, and down..
Aaah~ still remember Jasper? Once I saw that you are in relationship with the person, I feel shocked, one tear drops. Nah, I didn’t know, how can it be lah.. It’s happened suddenly, yea.. suddenly.. It turns funny after u tell me the truth..Aigoo..
So scared if someday, u ignore me..and leave me..Although we are just friends..
I don’t know how to makes a beautiful poems, a special video as u.. This is what I got for u, mianhae.. I’ll just tell u what I feel..thats the babo Xiao Lang~
My last word is, please don’t forget, or leave me!! T____________T
This is my past. 
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