Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear you .

Dear whoever you are ,

Do you mind taking a step back and dont disturb me . forever ? I know you hate me . Dont need to say it , your actions already did . I loved you as a friend . I loved you like family . But if this how you would be treating me back , then I'll just have to forget you and erase the memories we had .
This friendship was a fake from a start . Dont you think so ? You were always using me . Like I was some tv being controlled by a remote. I believe that youre happy youre abusing me . I hope youre happy making my life miserable . I hope youre happy seeing me crying . To me , I just hope you would treat me the same as before. To treat me like a sister and not one-piece-of-crap-shit .

You treat me like shit . Ever thought about how i felt ? I felt .. no .. i FEEL hurt . Present tense . Im still hurt by your childish behaviour . Thanks for the memories . what a nice girl you are. what a pretty girl you are. I hope you'd find a better best friend .

Yours untrully ,
Izzah .

Friendships doesnt always last forever.


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