Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let this be the last time we're together.

I just had to put this. Its so .. nice ~

[ emotional post ]

I miss those old times . When we had to fight the upper secondary for a table at the canteen . I miss those times when we want to be a big group and people would never disturb us . I miss those times when we would come to school early just to finish our homeworks . I miss those times when we took neoprints and put them on our ezlink cards. I miss those times when we would hug each other and do birthday bashes. I miss those times.. i miss those times.. i miss those times when we were all friends . I really miss you guys , no matter how much we hate each other . All i want is , all of us back together and talking happily . As i entered the canteen today , i see all of us in different groups . Me with Sakina . And the rest of you , further apart from me . I know , for some of you , its hard to forgive one another. Sometimes , i wish i could fall into my knees and beg for all of you to come together as one big group with me again . it hurts me alot to see all of talking and laughing , to other people and not to each other . I may laugh and joke with the friends i have now , but i can never forget the laughter i had with all of you .

i wish . i just wish . we could meet one more time before seeing if we want to say our ''goodbyes.'' Because I , dont ever want to seperate from all of you . I love you guys . I love you guys . I love you guys . I love you guys more than any crush i'll have. Because you guys are my one and only ..

forgive me for the things i did . because i really want us to be together again . if you dont wanna forgive me , its fine . Just tell me youre okay and happy ..

- yours sincerely ,
Izzah Raihanah Bte Isa . 2N3 . Bss .


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