Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just some.. advice.

Why is it so painful to touch you ?

Hey , wassup ? Havent been updating lately . gotten busy with school :/
I'm just here to post some advices . Well , bare with my emo words today . Feelings kind of sleepy v.v

1) relationships problems ? - firstly , if you're 15 and below , you're too young to handle a relationship . You shouldnt even be going out with them , if you know that you are going to end up sad. I mean like , what's the use of having a gf/bf if you can't even love yourself . What I'm trying to say is , love yourself before you love others. Because you are one , and they are like .. NOTHING. Because they will be gone one day , but you? You will be here forever . - till you die . - I'm not saying you cant have a bf/gf. You can , but if they break up with you , DONT CRY. They're really not worth it , if they left you . And you left them , there must be a reason behind every action right ? RIGHT.

2) Bullies - Yes! I hate bullies. they're just irritating people who likes to disturb people who they '' look down on ''. To me , no one deserves to be looked down at. So what if you have down syndrome , mental problems or just plain mentally retarded ? You are still humans and all of us are not perfect . Everyone has their flaws and disadvantages . So bullies , keep that in mind. What is making you feel like this ? Why does bullying pleasure you so much ? Because others' pain , in not good for us to play with . In summary , every is different . Respect each other , love each other and be happy .

3) Studies - OMGOSH . This is the worst thing of all . Studies. Parents and teachers say '' They are the most important of all if you want to get a good life in the future. " I mean , yeah , its true. Without money , we cant live happily. - aside LOVE- But think about it . You guys want to have a good life right? So just keep studying . Because when you reach 20+ you'll stop learning and start working . And when you work , you will regret not studying harder when you were younger. So , STUDY HARD ! to get a good life . :)

4) making friends - Making new friends is a very hard task for me . YES, I used to be anti-social. But hey , I've changed . Thats why I'm writing this . Making new friends is hard for people who doesnt really talk . It is either because they are afraid of being judged at or they feel that they are too ''different.'' Well , you cant say that to yourself , people. We have to make friends , so that we dont face depression . First step , try to build up your courage . Secondly , walk towards them and say ''hi '' or ''hey'' or ''wassup? '' Thirdly , if your think you have been closer with that person , ask for their number. Keep in touch and become best friends or somethings ?

5) Keeping yourself happy - this one . is the hardest of all . Because even me , I cant make myself happy . Truth is , i think all of us were never happy . Thats why , we have friends. Joke around . Make random sentences . And laugh .

Laughter is the best medicine . So laugh , while you still can .
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