Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time cannot erase.

I dont know why.. But ive been staring my eyes on my body nowadays.. And realise, that what's inside this uniform im wearing , im not really that.. Body perfect. And when I look at these fats, I just feel like dropping on the floor and cry so much. I feel like crap. And thinking that God isint fair. Felt like fucking the world, and just wanted to be alone..

But now that I see it, it really not that bad. When I stand infront this full body mirror, I told myself, '' youre beautiful. And even if no one tells you that, youre still freakin beautiful. " And everynight, before I go to bed, I will compliment myself. In every single way.
And you know what? Know,when I look at myself at the mirror before bathing , I feel good. Even though I have fats here and there , I feel better than before. It is because mentally, I keep telling myself that I am beautiful. That im not different from all those other artists out there.
And even if you dont find me beautiful, i wont give a freakin fuck. Because I know , God created me for who I am. And God created me like this to see who would be able to accept me in their lives. 

So when youre feeling ugly.. Just tell yourself youre pretty. Every single day, without fail. Cos, believe me , it works. Honestly. to everyone out there.. You may not be beautiful to some people's eyes, but maybe youll find someone who will love you for who you are. LOVE IS EVERYWHERE. You just have to stop and look for it.

Everyone is beautiful. Me , you , us. EVERYONE. Appreciate what God gave you, because God loves you. 


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