Sunday, October 21, 2012

People who keep staring.

OKAY SERIOUSLY. This topic, pisses me off :x What's wrong with you people who keep staring at me man ? Its not as if I'm naked in public or anything right ? You keep staring at me as if I do. WHATS WRONG MAN?! I too pretty that you cant take your eyes off me isit ? Seriously.. Sometimes , staring at a person can cause you trouble. Like all those gangsters.. they will be like " STARE WHAT STARE. FIGHT AH SIAL." that type of things. And they will whack you and stuff. Yes, whacking is bad. But staring is just as bad. Who ask you to stare at them ? I mean.. Looking for a second is alright. But staring at people with those big eyes . For a very long time.. Thats just creepy man! And imagine.. you're an old man. And im a 15 year old girl. I'll call you a pedophile ~
That time when I went out with my friends, also you all stare. Go out with guy also stare. Go out with mom also stare. STARE STARE STARE. I honestly dislike that word :\ Im not trying to be mean here.. But Im just advising you guys.. That staring can really cause trouble for you. SERIOUSLY! Like I said.. Looking for awhile is okay. But totally staring at that person.. Thats just creeeeeeepy. And annoying. Okay so maybe I went out with a blue haired colour girl , and people were staring.. SO WHAT MAN. Got alot of aunty wear leopard skinny thighs you all never stare? Teens who wear clothes with breast nearly hanging out you never stare? Why stare at this blue-haired girl who is just minding her own business? 
damn society. Y U LIKE THIS?! Get a grip of yourself people. Stop being so kaypoh sometimes.. Even if you cant help it. Okay, so I admit. I too stare at people sometimes. And get very kaypoh. But hell, at least they didnt notice I was staring at them! But even if they did, my staring was just a short one. And normally when I stare, it'll be something NC16 or M18. That's when I stare. Other than that.. I don't really. So people, slowly slowly try to stop from staring at people if you want to avoid trouble okay? I hope this helps. Even though what I'm saying here is just common sense. 
Enjoy your Sunday~



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