Friday, October 19, 2012

Th Awesome Day.

This girl. This freaking awesome girl. Just made my day.
So I on this typical day.. I went to school for my cca, Girl Guides. Before GG, she made plans with me and said she wanted to fetch me from school. So then, I only contacted her with whatsapp and damn, my phone doesnt have wifi. So when I ended GG, I ran out of school cos it was raining cats and dogs. ( SUPER DRENCHED I TELL YOU ) 
So as I went to nearby shelter, I searched for her.. I looked under my block , but damn , I couldnt find her. Then , I searched the block beside me. Still , she's isint there. So then.. I was so desperate for wifi , I went ALLLLLL the way to macdonalds just to get the stupid wifi. And guess what? She was at the triangular shelter place thingy. And yes.. I ran. 
It was still raining and taking the shelter was pretty draggy , so I ran under the rain. and when I went to the shelter place thingy, I found her. and inside im like " woah. she looks awesome. " 
And as I sit beside her, I saw her piercing. It was at her bottom lip, and I couldnt stop staring at it. it. was . cool. like " UWAHHH. SHE'S SO COOL." So then I looked down at her shoe. 
What shoe was she wearing? 
School shoe. 
And guess what.
I was laughing inside like a mad person. 
That point , i was like, " gosh, y she so cute   " 
And the day pass by~ And we were talking. It didnt felt awkward at all. It felt as if we have went out before. Even though that was the FIRST time i met her. 
She talked . I talked. We talked. 
It was just awesome. I dont know why, but as i stand beside her, I feel as if.. Im secure. 
( I honestly dont know why ) 
Thank you , you made my day. Even though it was just for awhile. 
Im glad we met  


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