Friday, November 16, 2012

A little to not over you.

Have you ever felt like.. going back to your past and changing things before it got worst then how it was now? I do, sometimes . At times, i wished I had stopped my parents from having sex after i was born . Because my two younger siblings, are just too annoying sometimes. At times, i wish i would looked after what i ate when i was younger. Ive grown bigger and abit plummer than i was back then :\  sometimes, i wish i could have told "that secret" earlier to my mom or my dad. It was my fault, for keeping it in . And letting it effect me . When i really had trouble controlling emotions.
People , we are humans. And of course, oftenly we do think of commiting suicide and wishing we werent born into this unfair world. But what we have to think is..If you werent here in this world.. Everything would be different. For example, you are married to your beautiful wife now. And one day , u decided to end ur life. if ur wife loves u truly, it would be hard for her to move on. She'll be depressed everyday, and slowly , everyone around her gets effected. And th ones around her will effect th other people out there. Dont you see ? God gave you a reason to live. Be it to be a criminal, sex offender, clown , teacher , principal or that one person who wants to change someone's life.
Its true. Life CAN get hard at times, but you have to get back up on ur feet and move on! because life still goes on. Remember people, before you kill yourself , think about someone who will be effected by ur death. You may think people out there dont care, but th truth is , some one out there, actually does.


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