Friday, November 9, 2012

Props and Mayhem

Hey people. Let me post about something that has been bothering me for quite some time.. People who keep insulting Asians, Black people, Muslims etc~
LIKE SERIOUSLY. You want kena punched by me isit? Everyone has their different thoughts on what religion they want to believe in. Yes, thats true. But that doesnt mean you can go around and make fun of people who DO HAVE a religion. I'm often on Facebook and I always see stupid comics insulting Allah or even Jesus. Muslims and Christians are the most made fun of. DUDE, GET A LIFE. I'm a Muslim , and even I don't like to see Christians being insulted like that. If you don't believe in God, then go suck your mom's toes or something.

 Beause all of us have a DIFFERENT view of things. 
Okay the thing about Asians being good at math ? Dude, I'm Asian, and I suck at Math. I have only passed like.. 3 times for 15 years? And people who say Asians have small eyes and always wear specs. okay, i do wear specs. but small eyes?! I HAVE BIG HUMONGOUS EYES, AND IM ASIAN! People, don't always think that Asians are those smart people who dress up all nerdy and have small , hard-to-see eyes. Because I AM PROOF that NOT ALL 

Asians have smalls eyes and are VERY smart. 
Last thing that has been bothering me.. Making fun of white and black people. As a Singaporean , Im actually quite fond of Mr Obama. Not because he's black, but because he actually shows the world that not only the white people exist, but black people too! Yes, during those four years, the economy wasnt that stable. But what is needed to be a President is not about promising a good economy , but promising peace and harmony between the whites and blacks. Don't you guys see? Even if all of us are different in colour, we're actually the same people. And even if our thoughts on certain things are different, each and everyone of us deserves to be treated fairly . Like in Singapore, there are more Chinese than Malay and Indians. But I don't see anyone complaining. ( Except for Amy Cheong who insulted the Malay Weddings.) And even if there ARE more Chinese than Indians and Malays, we are united. In a block, you can see different races mixing with each other. They're either exercising, playing at the playground or even playing mahjong. And at schools , you can see students in mix races asking each other questions. 

What I'm tryna say is.. Everyone is the same. Its just a matter of fact if you wanna mix around and get to know that person better. Because if the whites dont mix with the blacks, they will be against each other EVERYDAY and the whites won't know how the blacks feel discriminated. And the Chinese , Malays and Indians wont mix around and they Singapore would be a very chaotic city.
Now, lets relax and think about it. Are you against Muslims or Christians? Or even Black people ? Or even Asians. Because in the end, WE ARE ALL STILL HUMANS WITH FEELINGS. 
And if you still don't understand that, I've got nothing else to say. 


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