Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Friends rather than family members are the most important people in the lives of modern teenagers." Do you agree? (Essay)

I believe that friends and family are equally as important in the lives of modern teenagers as 
they are the root to our happiness. Friends and family are those who care for your well being
but there are those teenagers who think likewise, ignoring their own kin for their new found
 friends. Teenagers often spend their time in school with their friends during the weekdays and 
on the weekends, they can choose whether to stay home and have some family time or go
 out with their peers. Even if they stayed home, teenagers would just stay in their rooms 
playing their games or chat on social webs rather than bond with their family. In my opinion, 
assuming that the reason why modern teenagers rather spend their time with friends is 
because they think it's cooler than hanging out with their own parent with is 
unacceptable in my eyes.

Teenagers who spends most of their time with their friends tends to have a tighter bond 
than their family members but as the quote goes, " Blood is thicker than water. " Teenagers
 trust people too easily which is the main reason why they got betrayed because not 
everyone is capable of keeping secrets as people change as they grow older and their
 view changes. 

In the past, I was close to a person that I had befriended in secondary 1. We were 
always sharing secrets and constantly gossiping about those we disliked. I couldn't accept 
her over demanding ways, always thinking that everyone's under her clutches.  For the past 
three years we've spent together, I've always been giving in to that horrible attitude of hers. 
As i enter the life of Secondary four, I realized that she had turned for the worse and was 
constantly pulling me to places i didn't want to go. Her childish act was too much for me to 
handle, like once where I've denied her of her selfish demands, she would take my 
belongings and ran away.
There were times where she was too lazy to bring her bag to excursions so she would put 
her items into mine even if i said disagreed to it. Because of her behavior, i was mostly 
frustrated and with no where to turn to, i went to see Miss Nicole, the school counselor. 
She told me that I have to avoid her and let her learn her mistakes by herself.
Thus, that day onwards, I've been ignoring her whenever possible. When she 
wanted me to do something, I'd simply walk roll my eyes and walk away. 
Eventually, she gave up and understood that I didn't want to be treated as a 'slave'
 anymore. Up till this day, I still detest her for what she had done to me. Just because 
I was friends with someone she hated, she would constantly talk bad about me behind my
 back. I was hurt by her actions but now that I think about it, I couldn't be bothered with her. Although I believe that friends are important, they will not be there forever. The only ones who will be here for me are my family members. They're constantly supporting me and giving me hope and strength.
In my point of view, friends are important but they cannot replace family. My family were
 the ones I spent my childhood with. They were the reason behind my happiness and
 laughters. Whereas friends may come and go whenever they like as they'll eventually 
grow tired of you. But a family member's love for you is selfless, great and unlimited. 
They know your attitude and personality since young. No matter what happens, your 
family will never give up on you. When you fall, they'll be there for you, encouraging you
 to pick yourself up. Unlike them, certain friends will leave once they know that you're 
not as good as they thought.


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