Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don't ever trust the devil bitch.

the only way out of here, is the way I avoided for all my life. 

Have you ever felt numb and useless at times? As you lay there on your bed at night, thinking about how life treated you.. At times, things may go perfect and you finally feel happy. But after awhile, things start to go bad again and all you wanna do is cry and keep it all to yourself. 
I know how you feel, ive been there, ive done that.
But what you gotta know is that, you cant always keep things to yourself. I know, you feel invisible to everyone. I know you feel as if youre not good enough. But every one has their own personality. Everyone is special and weird in a good way.

Like there was this time.. I lost everything. From my close friends , to my parents trust to my crush. And guess what, i did what I would think i should do. I self harmed my body. The cuts on my body wasnt as bad as how life was treating me at that time. I was bullied, I was judged, i was a loser nobody likes. Up till now, i still am. But what i learnt, is that you should never care about what society thinks of you. If you like that certain thing, then go ahead and like it even though society thinks lowly of it. 
Because in the end, the only acceptance you need is yourself. You are who you are and no one has the rights to bring you down. If they are the ones who bully you, tease you, make fun of you, well, those assholes are stupid people. Just because they are 'popular' and 'cool' they think its fun to make fun of people who arent 'popular.' 
well, suck balls . You people can just rot in hell. Because of people like you , teenagers are self harming themselves more, and the number of suicide is increasing each year. You selfish freaks dont know because you guys are the ones who made them feel like shit and caused them to die. 
Those people are always being left alone in the dark because they have no one to lean on. They have no one to rant their feelings too. They are the lonely ones. They are the ones who need help. not you selfish bastards who complain when you dont have anyone to go out with. 

fuck you bastards, just fuck you. 

I love the broken ones, because I'm one of them. And I'm fucking proud of it, whore. 


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