Friday, April 26, 2013

My aunt.

x i'm laying on my bed.. Thinking about the memories me & my aunt once had in this unfair but beautiful life. Always pampering me with gifts and food ( thats why i'm so fat) . Always siding my and care for me when my mother is scolding me.. Always tell me to achieve in life & keep doing my best.
There was once she told me " i wanna see you graduating from university & I'm right beside you, in the photo. I also want to see you marry some one who will love you."
Sweet aye? Too bad i might never see her again.. What if she leaves? I'll be a walking travesty. I need her in my life, she means so much to me. I cant let her go like that. I havent said the words I needed to say, to her. Please.. I want you to br alive.. Please..
Ya Allah, please save her. She's too young . I dont ever want to loose her, pleAse.


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