Sunday, May 19, 2013


So hey guys, sorry for not updating the blog with stuff that is happening around for quite awhile. To be honest, I haven't been busy. But instead, I am going around Twitter, making friends and just talking to them . To know them better, and help them in anyway I can. 
So today, I just started to create a new blog to write about MY STORIES. and yup, TRUE STORIES that happened in life once before. I put a lot of my emotion inside and I cried while writing it. I'm not sure whether you guys will read and tear along, but I'm sure you will feel something deep inside your heart. Maybe you have been through the same thing as I did? Please tell me so. Because the people around me don't face the same thing as I did. So they don't understand the way I am feeling. 
I will be updating the blog as much as I can, and I will put my emotions into words as hard as I can. 
Right now, I'm already starting on the third post. haha! Hope you guys will enjoy but at the same time have the FEELS. haha, joking. Have a great day c: (click on the link below to read it!)


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