Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You there,

So what now. Are you gonna ignore for life now? 
I honestly have no idea why you are suddenly ignoring me. Is it because you hate me so much for nagging at you? You know its because I care. Oh wait, maybe you DONT know. Well now I'm telling now, I do care. And all I ever wanted you to be was happy. But I guess you don't need me now. I was just another person who just came and left. 
But I didn't leave. You did. 
Suddenly not replying my texts. Ignoring me. Opening my whatsapp and reading them, but never replied. Wow. You know what? I cried when you did that. Don't believe me? Then don't. Cos even if you asked any of my friends, only SHE will know. That one person, she helped me get over our friendship.
and hell yes it was hard. Hell yeah i cried. 
I don't even know why I even cried. I feel stupid because of that mistake. 
Maybe I took our friendship seriously, and you didn't. But who cares now? You don't even want to talk to me, and I have to get over it. 
I have to throw away the drawings I wanted to show you & the poems I wrote to cheer you up. 
Do you want me to delete your number too? I knows its hard for me, but its worth the shot. Since you don't give two shits about me. 

This aside, I still care about you. And I'll always be there to help. But there's no way you would find me now. Because you won't. I know it. You're so popular with everyone. I'm probably just another person.
All this while, I thought our friendship was doing okay. Well, I guess I thought wrong. 

Again, if you EVER need me(which you probably don't) , just text me. 
Because no matter how much disappointed I feel , I'll always be that person who accepts and listen to you no matter what happens. I may not be as religious as you, but I know Muhammad s.a.w was always there when his friends were in trouble. I want to be like him. 

Thanks for the memories, it was fun having you around.

too bad you don't feel the same way. 


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