Thursday, July 25, 2013

Living young '

Never tell yourself that you are failure. Because you are not. 
Okay sure maybe you have failed once or twice in your life. But that doesn't mean you have to stop trying. You have to have the willpower and motivation to get your butt off that chair and do something about that depressing life of yours.
Life can get difficult, but it means that it can also get better.
Never let yourself be brought down by the people around you. 
You are much better than them. You have been through a lot, and I understand that. 
You need company, and that's what I'm here for. 
Now take that blade away, and look at yourself in the mirror. 
What do you see? You see a beautiful girl. Or a handsome boy. 
Smilling as wide as he or she can. 
Because he or she knows that life WILL get better. 
Get some help around. There are those who are willing to help you. 
After looking yourself in the mirror, take that blade and throw it away. Say goodbye. 
The blade used to be your friend, but its now your enemy. Because it has hurt you too much.
But self harming, do you realize that you are actually hurting yourself more? 
Survive and live through this world. 
It maybe cruel and cold, but there are times where you meet great people who will change your whole life. 
and there will be those people who will make a great difference in your cold and lonely life. 
Because everyone has a partner. Be it a girl or a boy, there will always be someone out there, looking out for you , caring for you and taking care of you. 
do you want to know something very special though? 
I love you. take care. 

Monday, July 15, 2013


You feel so bad about yourself, sometimes you feel like sleeping and never waking up. 
Sometimes you feel like dying, you just make yourself bleed and never ever stop.
But what happens if one day you are suddenly gone? 
Do you think the people around you wont notice? They will, trust me. Because no matter who you are, everyone has a role to play in life. 
You can be that someone who just saved someone else's life. You can be that someone who is loved by someone you haven't been close to yet. 
You might be that someone who is loved and cared most, but you never seem to realize. 
Before you take that blade and bleed, think about it. DO NOT keep saying things like ' I am alone.' or " nobody cares." 
Because I know someone out there does. You may not seen who that person is, but he or she is there. 
Worst to worst when no ones there, there's always God. He's always there to help you when in times of need. 
You people, were never truly alone. There's someone looking out to you, trying to save you from that depressive world you live in. 
Keep in mind that you have survived all these while. 
Why hadn't you killed yourself earlier? Why hadn't you landed in hell or heaven yet? 
Because you didn't had the courage too. 
Deep down inside, you want to saved. You want someone to give you their hand and bring out out of the trapdoor. You want someone to accompany you and care for you. 
don't lie to me. 
I know it. Because i've been there. 
I thought wanting to die is the only thing I wanted. But little did I know, that a hug someone gave changed my within a few days. Sometimes, drugs and pills don't work.
Its the warmth of a person you need. You want attention.(not the bad kind). You want care and love. 
But you hadn't got it from anyone.
So why wait? You have friends. Tell them about how you feel. 
Or just hug them, so you/ll feel better. 
Time doesn't go bad if you didn't want it too. 
Its your mindset that has to change, so everything will be happier. 
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