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Hey hey. Goes by the name of Hana or Izzah.
I'm sad and I post depressing shit most of the times. Tt kinda makes you think, kinda makes you cry. Read with warning. Some have left behind tears.
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Sunday, August 11, 2013 || Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sometimes, you realize that being a nice person, is actually partly a bad thing. 
Everyone takes advantage of you and constantly steps on your head. 
Always tells you to do things their way, and because you're so nice, you're so afraid to telling them to back off.
Honestly, I am actually a nice person to begin with. I'm not trying to boast at all, I'm just saying that I DO get used and taken advantaged of. And that's not a good thing. After awhile, I started getting used to, but then.
It starts to hurt. 
Because they were never there for you, the ones who used you. 
They only call you when they needed help. But once you're in trouble, they 
dont give a fuck.
do you realize that?  Because I do. And the feeling i get, SUCKS. 
All of us are such amazing people and different abilities, but we are being cast aside because we are one of the losers. We are the losers who are being used and stepped on. 
Why do you want to be that? Why do you want to be treated like a slave? Why don't you want to be what you are supposed to be? 
Stand up for yourself. 
Tell them to fucking back off, because this is your life, and you are controlling it. Not them. They don't pay you. If you die, YOU DIE , NOT THEM. 
You control your own future, past and present. 
Its all in your hands. 
Why bother about what they think? Why bother about what they call you? 
Because you yourself know that you are not what you are called by those bullies. 
Those assholes deserves to rot in hell and burn into ashes. 
You have a chance, to change for what you think is right. 
You're not a slave. 
You control your life.