Sunday, October 13, 2013

you won't wake up.

ever wondered whether Jeff will appear in your room in the middle of the night, with a knife on his hand.. Just smiling at you, can't wait to see you bleed.
He walks up to you, his white jacket has become all red. He looks at you with those souless eyes, full of sins and sinister acts. 
He can't wait to hear your screams and cries. 
He climbs on your bed and lands a knife on your neck. your breath quickens and all you can do is panic. You always thought, that Jeff the Killer wasn't real. But right now, you see him in front of you with your own eyes. His creepy smile brings shivers on your skin. His face nears you and you can hear his short breaths.
" G-go... To.. S-Sleep.." 
Your hands are shaking , your eyes are tearing.. You don't wanna be killed by this sinister man.
"W-why are you here? W-what did I d-do to y-you?" You stutter, trying not to scream.
He smiles even wider and place a kiss on your neck.
" my dear.. I've been watching you. I've been waiting for this day to come.. You are finally.. Going, to, sleep."
He slits your throat and your screams filled the air. " AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!."


He slides his knife down on your body. Down to your stomach and he starts stabbing it as hard as he can. He opened your flesh with all the blood painting his face. His smile became wider and happier, full of psychotic thoughts. Your screams became louder and with every stab he gives a sinister smile.

" go to sleep, my dear. I'll keep your body save with me.."

Friday, October 11, 2013

Here's to never growin up.

Just ended N levels ! Exams are finally over, soon I will be saying goodbye to Bendemeer. So many memories created in there. Shared so many tears, happiness and joy with all my friends. 
I think I couldn't have survived 4 bloody years in school without them. 
Here's a shoutout I got for the one's i love. 

Lee Cher Main ; 
 My best friend and my "lesbian partner". Remember when we used to dislike each other so much? Yes, I remembered. You were close to other girls before and we didn't really communicate. Maybe that's why you hated me and I disliked you. But as time passed by, our colours shined and we became best friends. Sure, we fight and sometimes distance ourselves from each other, but no matter, we're always back together. I don't know why, but i guess we're just that way huh? That one time Mr Zuhri came to our class and threatened to cane Shah? He said none of us were to stay as friends after our N's. Lets prove him wrong and stay as besties after this. You're more than just a friend, you're like a sister. Someone I would want to protect. You were always there when I feel like shit, and I needed someone to vent my anger at. Always molesting me in class and teachers would give us weird faces. Being horny as hell and just laugh at each other's lame jokes. I'll miss you once we are apart after this. You'll be in Tampines and it'll be even more difficult for us to hang cos I'm staying here right beside our secondary school. Stay strong, Cher Main. Sure, you maybe emotional and protective at times, but that's who you are and don't ever change for someone. Be who you want to cos that makes you special. Lets get good results for N's. :D 

Herishma Shergill ; 
One of closest friends and my sexy and comfortable pillow. I just love the way you hit me with you hip even though I might end up on the ground, hahahaha. You're such a weirdo, but I'm the psychopath and together we are awesome that way. When I cry, you try your best to hug me and comfort me and tell me that everything's gonna be okay. And it did. Because at times, you know how I feel because you've been there before. I'll miss the times where we can hang out and make retarded faces. We live so close so I don't think there's a problem with just meeting up and hang at the playground (; You're an awesome person, and don't forget that. You got some sexy moves and a hot body , don't be afraid to show em off! Hahaha. Good luck with that 'gay boy' :P And cheer up, just because he doesnt reply you properly, doesnt mean he wont like you, right? hahahaha, RIGHT! So cheer up and show him that you're hot~~

Kopila Sharma ; 
MY KOPI SUAA~ hahahah, such a nice nickname i gave you, be thankful :P 
Thanks for always cheering me up with your annoying-ness and your randomness. The times we hanged and just be ourselves. The times where I sexually abused you and the times where you smack me because you don't like it. Thanks for not suing me yeah! hahahha,jk. You know I love you :* 
You're a fun person to be with Kopila, and I'm thankful to God that I was friends with you. If not, my life would have been boring and dull. You never fail to make me smile with all your random jokes and I always love it when I tease you with my sarcasm. We can always hang since we live nearby each other. Here's to never growing up, you pretty Nepali! 
Ps; I will always touch you inappropriately (; jk!(maybe) 

Guo Bin; 
Hello my BINBIN ~ Thanks for always showing me love and care. Thanks for always making fun of me and laughing with me.You're were always there for me esp in Math class, hehe. You're really pretty and sexy, so always stay that way! Don't always think that you're fat, cos you really arent. You're beautiful in your own way, and if you don't see it, get a better mirror and love yourself. Because if i were a guy, I would totally want to date you. Don't starve yourself just because you have a tummy. Its not big, trust me. You still look pretty. Your smile is wonderful, so dont ever stop smilling. 
Be Happy, Guo Bin. 

Ros Iryana; 
My horny partner, my my. The first time I met you, I didn't knew you were this horny. You never fail to make me laugh with your horny and inside jokes. God bless you for having such a good sense of humour. Don't always be sad, okay? It hurts me to see you cry. You have a wonderful smile and a good heart, don't let anyone destroy it further. I love the times where we would give perverted faces at each other and I would smack you in the bum. (nice ass btw) You help me out when I'm fighting with Cher main, and I'm thankful for the advices you give me. I wish we could be more closer, but the year comes to an end, and we might not see each other anymore. As happy as I can be because I'm leaving, I'm sad to leave you behind with all the memories we shared. The way you speak in Malay is so wonderfully adorable because it's in bahasa baku. Don't ever stop speaking in Malay okay?! c: 

Nasyitah Razali ; 
My naughty naughty daughter. Always don't want to listen to me and I'll get mad. But you always act cute and I wont be mad anymore. Nasyitah, you're a nice girl and no one should ever destroy you. don't let people overtake you because you've got talent. you have an adorable smile and dont let darkness overwhelm it, because if that smile doesnt exists anymore, who will make my day brighter? that fight we recently had, I'm sorry. But I wanted to make you realize, that not everything revolves around you. 
I want to make you strong and I hope you don't take it the wrong way. You have to realize and have the willpower to get up and move on. There's so many things for you in this world, don't ever give up because i believe that you WILL make it far. Keep drawing and don't always be sad, because Daddy here will always be there for you. Even if you don't see me, I'll always be cheering you on, helping you to get up and carry on. one day, you WILL be strong and POWERED. One day, you will be okay because there has to be an end to everything. Life will get better, Nasyitah. 

Mavis Neo ; 
My cockroach. My other horny partner. Always laughing at my naughty jokes and touching my bewbs.(so nice to touch meh!?) Always teasing Mrs Tan and how her butt always protrudes out. Making fun of each other because we have no life. You always make my day brighter with your nonsense and your never ending sarcasm. How I wish we could stay in this school and not take exams so we could enjoy our last moments in this school together. Because i/ll definately miss you and your nonsensical jokes. 
Stay happy and last long~

Lee Yee Lin(pongpong) ; 
My dear pong pong, how nice of you to peel of my onion skin. Don't cry though! Thanks for always sparing a thought for me when I had troubles. Love the way you smack and make fun of me ahahah. I'll miss you and your pong smell (jk) and your lame jokes. Thanks for trying to cheering me up when I have a bad day. You will be missed , stay happy pongpong!

you guys will be missed. thank you for all the memories, laughter, happiness and tears we shared. may God bless all of your wonderful hearts. 
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