Sunday, November 10, 2013

uncontrollable emotions

try reading yourself.. 
Sometimes, I feel happy for no reason, sometimes I feel like shit.
Loneliness crawls all over me, pulling my to the ground , telling me "you're not wanted," "no one wants you." 
Why is it me who they are haunting? 
I've always said that loneliness is something you can get out of. 
Yes, its true.
But only NOW I realize that it isint as easy as it seems.
Everyday I wake up, waiting for someone to text me a "good morning." 
But no. No texts, no calls unless I start the conversation myself. Am I that pathetic? Why am I always the one who starts conversations with people? 
Oh wait, I know the reason. Its because I am the one who feels alone. Not them.
I'm not the most wanted person. I'm that loner everyone doesnt give a damn about. 
But hey, why should I care, right? RIGHT.
If they don't give a damn, then I shouldn't too.
But damn.. I seriously can't help feeling this way.
People say I should date. 
what. date? 
are you serious? 
not now. 
not after that douche dumped me a tossed my heart in to the bin. 
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