Saturday, December 7, 2013

but darling, who would love a suicidal girl?

What's wrong with every single one of us? We keep telling people to be ourselves, but when they do, we judge them and put them in the wrong.
We humans, are monsters. Our insanity is trapped within us all, and its waiting for a time whereby it can finally be free and destroy every single human life. 
That eight letter word means a lot in our lives but we never realize it. 
We keep it so deep in our hearts because we don't want to be called 'crazy' by people but the fact is, being a little insane, is
honestly, I'm a little insane myself. I hurt myself for the pleasure, that masochistic side of me. 
but whats wrong? 
why do I feel bad every time I bleed myself? 
Why do I regret it every single time as I drop the blade on the floor?
My salty tears drop as I wash away the stinging pain. 
Nobody else knows but me. 
and you, 
because you're reading this.
Insanity kills us all. it calls out to us, 
" bring us out? we'll destroy the ones who hurts you. we'll make you happy. we'll always be there." 
but do we know.. that was Insanity says to us, is just our minds. 
we can control what we want to think and what we dont want to. 


Now repeat after me.
You don't want to be hurt. 
You don't wanna cry.
You want to be happy.
You want to smile and try.
Now put that blade down, and wash away the stinging pain.
Cover your wrists and look in the mirror. 
" I am beautiful. " 
Now uncover your wrists. 
" I am still beautiful." 
Insanity will always be a part of us, but we are ourselves. and we control our minds.
save yourself, little fighter. 


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