Friday, January 24, 2014

being yourself.

whats wrong with being different eh?
I wonder.
Like, seriously, what we do in our lives, isint really supposed to affect other people.
What we do with our life, is actually our decision, and its up to us.
What risks we take, its our problem.
Because it is OUR life, and not theirs.
So why are we all so afraid of being ourselves?
Being the real person is much much better than being a fake bitch.
Get out of that shell and be who you truly are.
If you're a bitch, then stop being nice to everyone and show people what kind of bitch you are.
If you are actually nice, then be nice and stop treating people like shit and feel bad inside.
If you're lonely, make friends and talk to people.
If you hate company, keep one or two friends by your side and stay loyal to them and make sure they do the same, cuz not everyone is as loyal as you think they are.
If you need love, craving for it, find it.
Get out and find your romeo (but dont be so desperate la), skali he stuck in a toilet bowl or something.

if you're gay, its okay. 

because we are all different. Its okay to be different.
be yourself.
If you're a girl, and you love the same gender, then its okay.
Its still love.
No matter what gender, skin colour he or she in.
Its still love.
No one can stop you from being who you are.
If you're a guy, and you love the same sex,
its still okay.
Its always love.
It always was.
Never change who you are for other people.
Don't bother about what they say and how many times they insult you.
Because you know deep inside, that you can't change no matter how much you tried to.
I know that feel.
Don't die, just because others don't accept you.
There are bound to be others who will accept you for who you are.
No matter what sexuality you love.

Because it is okay.

Always be yourself, because being similar is too mainstream.
No matter how people look at you and how they react to yourself,
don't worry bout it.
Cuz their judgement is not worth it.
As long as you are happy with yourself, then that's okay.
Because all of us has something we are good at.
You may not have found it yet, but one day, you will, and one day, you'll learn to accept it and treasure it.

be who you are.


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