Thursday, January 30, 2014

death of you'

I honestly dislike when someone disrespects someone else.Its fucking stupid when you disrespects their privacy. Its fucking childish if you make fun of that certain someone just because they're different from you.
So what if they are? Is there a problem being different?
Because you people are so alike, its so fake.
Fake, plastic bitches.
You're like a balloon, I can just pop your body anytime, its just a matter of WHEN.
People with guts like yours, should just pop and disappear.
Don't think you're fucking cool just cuz you have shit loads of friends.
Um, excuse me, just because you have countless friends, doesn't mean they're stay loyal to you.
One day, you'll get into trouble with the world, and slowly, one by one, they'll slip away and leave you the fuck alone.
And by then, don't even try to come and beg me for forgiveness about what I'm going to do
Things I do , are fucking scary.
If you don't believe me, try me.
Mess with me, and I'll fucking destroy you bit by little bit.
You aren't worth my time,
but toying with you will be enjoyable since you like being the mean bitch.
Don't be surprised when your life starts to get bad.
Cos I will ruin all of you, and I never failed.
I may be this quiet emotional girl you never seemed to notice.
But this girl has a lot of things going in her mind, and have a lot of people who's backing her up.
This girl will be the death of you.


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