Monday, January 20, 2014

I just can't.

I keep telling myself, that I should let you go. But I can't. Why can't I ? It hurts so badly inside, everytime I see you happier with somebody else. I cry at night, thinking about what our love could have been. It hurts me to think that you actually left.. me all alone, being the only one who should move on. Did I not mean a thing to you?
Why do you still mean the world to me? 
I don't understand. 
Everything was perfect.
And suddenly you couldn't except how difficult and complicated my life was.
It hurts so badly inside, I just can't explain it.. I just want to cry my eyes out all day long.
Thats how much you meant to me.
I know you wouldn't even know I exists right now, but there are times when I think back about the things we have done.
The things we had talked about.
How my parents were your parents...
Everything was so.. beautiful.
I finally thought I had found my Romeo.
And damn, was I wrong.
Because you hurt me bad.
Really bad...
I'm hurting inside.


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