Monday, January 20, 2014

Life in ITE!

So I guess by now, you should have realized, that I, Izzah Raihanah has entered ITE East(Simei)! And no, you shouldn't be surprised cuz it has been my decision for quite awhile now. 
So far, two weeks in ITE is quite interesting... Like, I made new friends. (Horny ones too) And some of them are REAL nice. I made a few like Aisyah, Suzana, Julniee, Theresa, Jassmin and Celeste. I think without them, my ITE life would be pretty much boring cuz well..
It was them who made friends with me..
And that's good cuz well, I'm such a loner.
An introvert. Someone who doesn't well... talk to people well, yaknow? 
But hey, at least I made a few friends I could rely on for laughter and happiness in class.
We basically laugh about most things and its funny cuz well, we talk about lame things mostly, hahaha.
And again, I'm glad I made friends I could lean on la. Don't have to worry about just shutting up in class. 
so far, so good.

Office computing is quite boring but sitting with Suzana & Theresa is quite happening well cuz, again, we talk about random stuff hahaha.
Math is tiring and brain-wrecking but the teacher is quite hilarious. (I think its just cuz he's old and the way he speaks is different) Meh, I'm not kidding, he is funny~
Business & Marketing lessons are awesome too! Cuz Mr Rafael is awesome is hell. He's lessons are reaaaaaaaaaaaaal interesting and I don't think there's a time when I actually hated his lesson. (Except for some parts which I'm not gonna mention cuz there are a few kaypos layin around)
Communicating skills by Miss Leong is fun too. Though we have to do retarded activities which are somewhat childish. But some of them are real fun. 
Life's fine, everything's fine.
No complains, no regrets. 
Just living life how it should be.
Just gotta buck up this time and be creative in studying.
All the best guys!


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