Wednesday, January 29, 2014

someone `

Someone told me that I should always stand up for myself and whats right. But up till now, never did I had the balls to stand up for justice and that's quite disappointing really. I always stood at the back, just kept quite and just listen. But no one really knows what I'm thinking, because I was never allowed to. Everyone else thinks they're right, and I'm wrong. but its okay, since I'm already used to it.

Someone told me to be strong, to make the right choices in life. I hope I did and I still think back. Wondering whether I had made the right choices. It fears me sometimes. The things I had gone through before, and the things I'm am going to face in the future soon. I'm going in a path, no one actually thought I would. Everyone thought I would go to the 'better' path but only one told me to go wherever I want, as long as I make it later on. '

Someone encourages me to have dreams and hopes for my future. Told me to do what I want, and never discouraged me. Always advice me when I'm lost and got me back in that bumpy road.

I learnt how to never judge a person before knowing them. No matter how mean, bitchy and wild they look, you will never know how much that person has gone through. You will never know what is bothering them because many people never really gotten to know you. And its nice how you thought me this, because after you, I find it really easy to make friends who stays true to me.

It gets hard everyday, and everyday, this someone keeps me strong. Told me to never be afraid no matter how many people hates you.

One was hated, but one never gave up in faith. One always keep the faith.

Are you reading this? (I know you know who you are) Cuz if you are, I just wanna let you know how much you have changed me.


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