Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday ;

I have never felt so alone. 

Like.. today, i feel like shit. I don't know why, but I just do. What's the point of making friends when in the end, some of them decides to back stab you like a motherfucker?
I know, I have my own bunch of friends. 
but i can't help it, i still feel this loneliness deep within.I see all around, couples, best friends.. And me, here, alone, in this dark room almost crying like a bitch.
It hurts. 
feeling this way, and thinking to yourself that you have no one to talk to and share everything too. 
I can't talk about loving a girl to anyone.
I can't talk about my complications at home to anyone.
I can't express how I feel to anyone.
Because no one will be able to understand it and stay by my side.
What will I become in the future? 
I'm a loser that all the popular kids find crazy, 
I'm that kid who makes friends with those quieter ones.
but those quieter ones are the ones who are the most nicest, friendliest and loyal because they stay true.
Oh am I glad to have met the friends I have made, and let go the ones who have hurt me and betrayed me.

But again, no matter what, this loneliness can't seem to be erased. 

It's always hurting inside.


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