Thursday, January 23, 2014

train of thoughts

There's actually so many things going through my mind. What I should do and what I should not do. What I should say and what I shouldn't. 
Cos one mistake, and someone gets hurt. 
What's the point of it, really? To show how big and bold you are?
Why don't you just pick on someone your own size.
Or better, just speak up to that person you are talking bad behind their back about.
Do that, and I'll fucking kill you.
Cos that's my friend you're hurting.
I don't know and don't care what she did to you.
But I'm sure, she doesn't deserve this hatred. 
What would you feel, if someone decides to go up to you and tell you, " you're fucking ugly. just go to hell you fucking bitch. " 
What would you feel? 
Would you be happy about it?
Think about it, and reflect.
Wouldn't you feel hurt too? 
and those people out there who are being bullied.
you shouldn't feel so bad about yourself.
so what if there are people who hates you? 
I have my haters too, but I have my friends who loves me for who I am and accepted me.
And I'm sure you will find those group of people too.
Trust me.
Don't bring yourself down and keep looking up.
Don't let those bullies affect you,
because its not worth your tears.
cuz in the end,
they're all fucking cowards. 


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