Sunday, February 9, 2014

maturity ;

In all the posts you have seen and read, they will say shit like, " I have matured, and you havent. " And stuff.
But here, no, I'm not gonna say that.
I'm gonna say, that I'm immature, yet at times, I'm so darn mature, you won't believe I'm 17.
In the first year of my secondary school, did you know what I said to myself as I wore that fresh uniform? 
I said, " things are gonna change. I'm not gonna get bullied anymore. I'm gonna make friends who'll love me for who I am." 
2 years passed and everythings fine. Despite the small little shit that happened here and there.
But after a while, all of us started to get a little more sensitive and sometimes.. so fucking immature.
When we are angry, we tend to scold that particular someone on the social media.
I'm not gonna lie, I actually do that sometimes. Cuz its all human nature. We want that attention and want people to agree with us cuz in nature, all of us wants attention.
Don't bother saying you don't cuz you do.
What I'm trying to say is that, I'm done, getting stepped on and being told what to do and what not to do.
I maybe 17, but I have my own life and people shouldn't tell me what to do. (except at some point i have to listen to my parents)
I'm gonna delete the things that made me suffer and throw away all the misery and I have kept inside.
All this while, you guys thought I was okay, didn't you? 
When in reality, as you talk, never have I felt okay. I never felt so small in my whole before. 
Sure, we have fun and share smiles and laughter, but when it comes to work, 
you were never serious.
Whats the point of being the head when no one listens? 
What's the point of being the head when no ones gives a shit?
I'm done, so done.
No more being stepped , and pushed around.
I'm letting it go and leading my own life, right now.

I used to not being able to speak up and stand up for myself.
But now, you'll see. 
The lady that you made me become.
I'll finally stand for what's right and what's best for me.
I'm letting you go, and I'm never coming back.

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