Friday, March 7, 2014


Suddenly, letting go gets so difficult? Is it because of the things we shared to each other? Or was it the shit we talk to the phone?

Life gets so hard, knowing the person you love, love someone else. You were so.. perfect, yet we were so different, I was too complicated and you weren't ready. I was the quiet one, and you were the loud and free guy. 
I was not-so-rich and you are the always-take-cab kind of guy. 
It took me shit load of time to get the fuck over you. No idea why, but my heart still beats for you. (sometimes) 
I was is so much... despair. I couldn't get a hold of myself the past few days after you left. I cried like the little bitch I was, I wanted you back so back. 
I loved you, because you were different. Because you treated me the way a girl should be treated. 
But your love for me, you always doubted, because as always, I was too complicated. 

I never expected much from you. All I wanted was for you to tell me that everything's okay when things starts crumbling down for you. When life decided to give me a shitty task and when you left, I because the most emotional idiot ever. 

I remembered going to the beach that night, crying my eyes out. 

My chest was beating so fast, my eyes were never as red before. I clenched my fists so tight, I thought I was holding your hand. Memories flashed through this fucked up brain of mind. Our kiss, our touch. Our conversations. Forgetting all of that was so difficult. 

My heart still beats when I see you, but I'm not longer that complicated girl. 
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