Tuesday, May 20, 2014

arms around me

You know what's the happiest things in this world are? Seeing an old couple smiling, walking and holding hands. Seeing them kiss in the middle of nowhere just makes me wonder if these things will ever happen to me. When they laugh, it just makes me happy, no matter how ruined my day is. It makes me happy that they are together, and still happy, after all these years. Some of them still wear couple tees and its beautiful. You may think its weird seeing an old couple kissing by the bench at the park. but I think thats what you are supposed to call LOVE. Realizing that you cant live without each other and stay true to one another. That's what love is supposed to be. 

You know what's the second most happiest thing is? Falling in love. Sure, it may be an annoying to some, but I think, with the right person, its the most almost perfect thing ever. Falling in love, having someone to talk to when youre lonely at night, waking up to good morning texts and meeting up with the special someone. Can't you see, that no matter who you are, you tend to get lonely and WANT to find that certain someone? I'm not gunna lie, I wanna find someone too. but I just aint to interesting or pretty enough like all my other friends hahahaha. But what can I do except wait for my Prince Charming? I dont care whether he's stuck in the toilet bowl or smth, if its meant to be, then he'll come. If its not, then what can I do? hahahah seriously though. Life's not a fairytale. Its all about who you find in life and the people who can make you happy. One day, you'll be truly happy and you don't have to worry about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Because it doesnt matter.

It doesnt matter who you are and how you look like. Life's a bitch and it can kick you in the ass. But when its not an asshole, it can be nice too. Somehow, someday, youre bound to find someone who will love you as who you are. With or without make-up, with or without clothes and with or without your beautiful smile. 
Someone who will accept your perfect imperfections. 
Life can be a pain in the ass, but all you gotta do is wait.
Because good things takes time.


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