Wednesday, May 28, 2014

how long can we keep the distance

yaknow what I just realized, guys? I've never blogged much my personal life and all I ever blogged about is on either how beautiful life is or how suckish it is. I've never really talked much about what I do for the day and how many good friends I've got. Sure, in a few posts, I've talked about some people and where I'm studying now. But yaknow, details about me. There's nothing much really. So today, imma start writing about my days but most times, Imma just write about life. Like how I always do.

So firstly, many call me Izzah or Hana. I'm born on 21st Sept and I'm currently studying in ITE East. The course I'm taking is Logistics and yeah well, thats most of it. I had an idea of writing more than this but I can't seem to write more things. My mind's blocked, gah.

So far, life has been okay but I cant help but feel left out sometimes. Yeah i know, its not surprising la. I have always been an outcast but yup, I felt worst than before. My mind has not been stable and I've been over thinking. I don't even know whether anyone cares. Sometimes, I even forget who I am. Sitting here , alone in dark, i've been thinking about the nothing i have become. The shit I have done before.
I've made my parents so disappointed in me before.
I've left someone for someone else.
I left a friend for someone else I thought was better.
I've done a lot of shit, that I figured... where am i now?
What have I done that my mind is so insecure and lost?

See, look. I'm writing about life again. Gawd, I can't stop, can't I? Sorry guys, I'm trying real hard.


So yup, school's been a real bitch but what school doesnt? Logistics exam this Friday and BEV exam this friday. I'm gonna be in real deep shit cuz I suck.



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