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flutter's fairytale

mind you, i edited these two different pictures, it took me like friggin 2 hours ok. technology sucks bleh.

Hi, my name is Flutter. My age is secret and as you can see, I have wings. And with wings, I can fly. (ah, you dont say!) I'm a ginger and welp, i have pretty blue eyes. Don't be jealous. You can't say that I'm a quiet girl because I'm not. I'm really loud but I keep things to myself. Well, some things. Most things, I will tell my best friend. Yes my best guy friend I have been in love with quite awhile now. 
 The cool and hip guy who has the power to control the weather. Brunette with perfect green eyes that can take your breath away. 

I remember the shit we used to do when we were younger. Before we entered Alice-Anna Academy, we were young rebels. Finding and creating trouble wherever we go. We would steal candy, throw toilet paper at stranger's house and beat up kids. But yeah, after Nightfire lost his dad, he changed. Eventually, I did too. (what can i do, i was deeply in love with this son of a gun).
On the day Nightfire's dad passed, he gave me a red cloak, to keep myself warm. I always asked him why he gave it to me, but he would always keep quiet. 10 years gone, and I still don't know the reason. But anyways, it doesnt matter. I got a cloak from the love of my life. (or so I thought)

Alice-Anna Academy is filled with Goblins, Trolls, Witches, Wizards, Skeletons and Vampires. We don't really study here. We just learn basic math, English and how to control our powers. (cool aye?) So after school, Nightfire was waiting for me outside class to catch up with out tv series, 2 Broke Girls. Walking thru the corridor, people staring, thinking that we're couple. Unfortunately tho, we're not. And that sucks, bad. 
But then, dundundun!
Cloud gave me a sneak peck on the cheeks and burst out into laughter. I gave a punch on the shoulder as my face flushed red.

" what the freaking freak Fire! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" 

Still laughing, he answered, " Welp, we gotta give our audience some free show right?" 

With that, he just walked. 
And I followed behind him, still confused. 
He never told me he likes me nor did he ever said that we were together. 
I called his name to wait me up, as we ride all the way to his house..


Isint this a perfect and beautiful story? ha ha ha. Hope you enjoy it till here. 
You're gonna hate what happens next. 


Always, Nightfire would always wait me up at my front door so we could ride together to school. Naw, we're not together, its just that, mom's always busy and she cant give me a ride to school so Night's always up and early, waiting for me by the porch.
As I stepped out the front door, this beautiful man greeted me with a smile. His perfect features never fails to make my knees jelly and my heart pump so hard. Too bad, he ain't mine. I ran out, grabbed a helmet and held on his waist as we ride along the quiet street. His cologne was knocking by the entrance of my nose. The smell I love. Remember the cloak he gave me when we were younger? Well. it has his smell on it, and I wear it EVERYDAY to school. Just to pretend that he's there even though we were having different classes. I closed my eyes as the wind hits my skin, its a perfect day.

We reached school and the first class we had together was Math. Agh Math. I hate Math.
Walking in, we discovered a crowd. Being the busy bodies that we are, we joined the crowd to see what was happening.
There was a new girl in school!
She is really pretty.
Long and black hair.
Perfect pink lips.
Had boobs and a butt.
Her features were too perfect, I stepped back and stare at Night. His eyes were glittering at the sight of this new girl. I called his name, but he was too engrossed in that girl's butt. Annoyed, I just stormed off to class.


UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME, that girl HAD to be in the same Math class as us. Her name, is Skydust. She's the Princess of Fairies, so that explains her beautiful-ness. (if that's even a word). She sat beside me in class and asked for my name. I reaaaaally didn't want to talk to her but seeing how nice she is, I gave her my name and look straight to the front. She was sitting in the middle of me and Night and THEY WONT STOP TALKING. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate in class and here to people babbling over Princess stuff? Gah, this is why I don't hang out with the princesses in school.

The ring goes off and its lunch time. Seeing that Nightfire was still talking to that girl, I just left class with my books in hand. Yes, you can say I'm pretty jealous. But what can you do, right? Seeing your crush into someone else. I was thinking on catching up with Jenny, that nerd girl in my Flight class cuz I seriously need help with my wings. I can't seem to fly well and everytime I tried, it seems to hurt. (explains why I always ride to school with Cloud on a bike).
Rushing to the canteen, I heard my name being called by a distance.

" Flutter! Why did you go off so fast? Lets eat lunch together with Skydust!"

 Nights's voice echoed through the halls. At first, I was happy that he actually called out my name, but he had TO INVITE SKYDUST DIDN'T HE. Welp, I guess I had no choice. Silently, I turned around and sat with the Princess and the frog. They kept on yapping about more princess stuff and it was really getting into my nerves. Thank god I don't have anymore classes with them. I would probably killed them both.

"Flutter, why are you so quiet?" Skydust asked, concerned.

I was in my own mind, so I didn't answer.

" Flutter? " She shook me.

My eyes opened wide, " ah! Yes?"

" Why are you so quiet? " She asked, again.

Lazy to reply, I just shrug my shoulders and told her that I wasn't in the mood.
You know, as best friends, when one of them says that they aren't in the mood, the other would normally ask why? Well, Night always asks. But today, he just kept staring at Skydust and totally ignored me.

Lunch ended.
And I went to class with a really angry mindset. I took a sit next to Jasper, the cool ass vampire kid who cares about no one at all.
So, the teacher entered the class and she thought us shit about our powers and blah blah blah.
and then we had a project.
We had to take photos that has the meaning of "Life" behind it.
I actually thought that it was a really easy project and wanted to partner up with the usual Jenny but she was already taken and I guess I have to work alone.
Just then.
Jasper tapped my shoulder, his fingertips cold, it sent a shiver down my spine.

" Aye, Flutter. Ya wanna partner up?"

I thought I was dreaming. Is this really that loner Jasper who wants to partner up?
He sense that I was freaking out and leaned closer to me, 

" Ill hit you up soon and we could meet up to do the project. Aye? I won't take no for an answer."

the bell rang and he smirked.

School ended.

And I went home,

all alone. 


HA CLIFFHANGER. dont you like it when this happens?
Heh, I'll be continuing your story soon, Chermain. In the meanwhile , you can keep guessing what happens next :P



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