Monday, June 9, 2014

no kid should ever believe like they deserve the cuts on their wrists

Haven't been updatin in awhile because school's been a pain in the ass and when I do get home early I would probably spent my time watching random videos, AoT or just waiting for new eps of 2 Broke Girls, Bates Motel & AoT to come out. As you can see, my life is just a boring piece of shit so its normal when people do leave. 

I didn't have any idea of what I wanted to write today but I just decided to let my fingers do all the talking; the thoughts that I can't get out of my mouth. I don't know why, but things have been distracting me lately. About how Singaporeans can't stop being so narrow minded and looking down on gays, lesbians and transexuals. I mean, its how they were born and you just can't change it. Sure you may hate on them and throw insults but what they have; is true love. They faced so many shits in school and so many hates, they got back up and found each other. They weren't afraid of the staring eyes because they have found the love of their life. Have yguys ever thought that even though you hate them, it wont make any difference at all? They are still bound to be other gays and lesbians out there, roaming, desperate to find their soulmates because you wouldn't let them. You insult them till your lungs burst and to you, they are 'disgusting'. Seriously, they are they and you are you. Why do you care who they put they hands on? Why do you care who they kiss? Why do you care so much about them? They're arent doing any harm. 

Some of you may complain about shit like ' gays and lesbians wont bring the population up' . oh wtf? are you saying that those straight couples are? PLEASE. Most of them are so money minded, they don't even want to have kids who would cope up their time. Instead, its those gays and lesbians who wants kids.  Such, an, irony. 

To those who have lesbian or gay parents, I salute you for dodging the bullets of insults and hate and still held on to the believe that IT IS true love and no one can change that. This, im not only speaking of Singaporeans. This involves the whole world. The ever changing world. Where technology are getting more advance and kids only want sex and not love. Why can't you just let those gays and lesbians marry? Why do you ban them? If to you, its a sin, so what? Its their afterlife, do you have anything to do with it? 

Think about it and reflect. I've tons or lesbians and gay friends and none of them are disgusting with their partners at all. Infact, they're too cute and lovely sometimes I wish I had someone to cuddle and love too. What I'm saying is, no matter what sexual orientation are, they're still human with feelings. They still feel love, but just for the same gender. And no matter how my parents are against it, I don't mind. Because its their life and not mine. No one should be able to restrict them to small things that they wouldnt like. Why match them up when they dont even feel love? 

Get over the fact that these people, DO EXISTS. And no matter what you do to destroy them, they will still be there. Some of you guys are too young to understand and thats fine. But just don't let your views of gays and lesbians be bad. They're nice and friendly people. Stop thinking so much  this matter and let it go. If you don't like them, shut up. You have no rights to destroy their love and they have the freedom to be with whoever they like. 

I'm speaking in the point of view of every straight girl trying to protect LGBT. what about you?  


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