Sunday, June 15, 2014

the lost kid

His mother threw him against the walls,
"mother stop!" his voice echoes through the halls.
He fell on his knees,
bleeding and not at ease.
Crying for help,
no one heard his yelp.
His mother slapped him across his face,
blood from his head, he taste.
He built up all strength, got up,
out the door, he fell out.
Ran away as fast as he could,
coming back to this house he never would.


He's a lost child,
trying to find love,
out in the wild.
Its been five days.
Running and walking thru the woods,
he's hungry, searching for food.
He lays down on the grass to rest,
looking up, staring at all the nests.
Mothers built for their children,
safe, sound and never threatened.
" be gone child, no one wants you."
He remembered the words that were so damn true.
A tear he sheds,
and above the beautiful sky, dead


His mother staring up the sky
five days, the time pass by.
" Where has that boy went to?" 
She wondered about what to do.
The flashback came, 
the blood trickling down her son's face. 
She clenched her fists tight,
and hit her head on the walls, dazed.
The sound of her son's screams,
replaying in the ears like broken dreams.
Ran out of the house, panting. 
She wondered where that boy was staying.
She began her search,
into this cruel, sick world.


He wakes up, broke into sweat.
Oh, he thought he was dead.
He looked around in this unfamiliar place. 
Staring from afar, a beautiful face. 
He came and held the boy,able to feel the pain.
As the clouds become darker, soon to rain.
He carried him in a cave, 
" hi, my name is dave."
Hearing his husky voice,
the boy pushed him away with all his force.
"Please dont hurt me, I'm already broken." 
And into a deep sleep the boy had fallen.

to be continued.


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