Sunday, September 28, 2014

the unborn child /

Its like there's cancer in my blood. 
Its like there's water in my lungs. 
And I cant take another step.
Please tell me I am not undone. 


The start of the day I felt restless.
No smiles, face emotionless.
Grew tired of crying,
I ask myself,
"Why am I still trying?"
I forced myself out of bed,
I felt the migraine in my head.
Why do I feel this way?
Why can't the pain just go away?
Mother tried to help.
Father adopted a whelp,
for me.
Because of a disease he suffered,
he died soon after,

I covered the tears with laughter.
The painful memories still lies within me,
as I sailed his ashes off to the sea.

There's so many things that can make me happy,
Dont know why, but i need to feel pain badly.
Everyone hated the way I am,
But I couldnt give a damn.
Even though their words sting my heart,
I told myself that they can't tear me apart.
It wasn't my fault I lost him,
They took him away from me, The Grimm.
I clutched my stomach tight,
as I remembered that unholy night.
Whereby I lost the child
and all I did was smile.
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