Monday, October 6, 2014


(tbh, didnt know what to blog about today.)

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

If you don't understand the meaning of that, let me explain. It just means that everyone has their own opinions on who looks ugly and whos not. 
So i went out yesterday and met a lot of my relatives which i havent seen in forever. 
Some of them were okay, just telling me about their lives and ask about mine.
But some just... Their words, kill me. yaknow?
" Oh Izzah, you've grown fatter." 
" Oh Izzah, why dont you loose weight?" 
" Izzah, you eat more than your mother."
" Izzah, your mother is skinnier than you." 
Yes, you guys are just telling me stuff that I already friggin know. Sure, I'm fat. But why does that bother you? Do my fats jiggle when I walk? no. Does that bother you? I'm the one who's fat, not you.
Strawberry always tells me I'm not fat. 
I'm starting to believe that I'm not, that I'm just a bit plump. 
Being fat is not healthy.
I know. But. 
I can still run, I can still do other things that others do. (most average person)
I can still sing and dance.
Yes, I can walk and crawl. 
I choose to think that I am beautiful in my own way.
Sure, my fats can disturb other people, but why do I care? 
I am my own body.
And even if you're skinny, you're beautiful too. 
You live your own life, dont let others destroy your mind. You are beautiful and I think so too. Why do you have to cry when people say otherwise? They're just losers trying to kill you. Remember, they dont owe you a living.
So what if you're not other people's defination of beautiful? You are your own beautiful and no one has the right to tell you otherwise. 
If you can sing, just go for it even though there are so many people destroying you mentally. You can sing, just go for it. 
If you can draw, forget what people think, show them who rock. Show the world your beautiful art, destroy the ones who destroyed you before.  
If you can dance, no matter what size you are, show them who's boss. Because i bet your ass that you can shake it better than them.  


You're beautiful.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 
Everyone has their own opinion on who's beautiful and who's not.
But no one has the right to scold you for "being fat" or "being too skinny" or " being too ugly."
Because you are your own beauty, 
and don't let anyone destroy you with the words of,
" You're ugly." 
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