Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Being so left out among the crowd,
I wish my words were heard out loud.
Only called when needed, 
throwing me away when work was completed. 
Doing things that I never enjoyed, 
they never knew I was this annoyed. 


Never have I felt so alone,
I'm standing in this world on my own.
Done being pushed and tossed away,
I'll make sure these motherfuckers pay. 

Shit, why did I let it get over me?
I had the chance, the chance to flea. 
To fly away from my wicked mind,
Oh why was I so blind? 
My thoughts taunted me with revenge and anger, 
to throw them with words like a fast going dagger. 
I shouldn't fight them with the emotions I've kept for so long, 
but then they'll never know that what they did was wrong.

no,,, I shouldn't let this thinking overcome me. 
The consequences I should oversee. 
I'll destroy them with my bare hands, 
my feelings, no one ever understands.
Now they'll feel what I feel, 
as before me, I shall make them kneel.
Begging me for the safety of their lives,
but to me... no one survives.
This pain that I will let them suffer, 
which soon will only get tougher and rougher.

I sat down on a big, black chair, 
laughing, as I watch them crying in despair. 
'They're finally suffering.'  was the last words I said, 
as slowly, one by one, dead. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

candy & cocaine

Everyone is so caught up in 'fitting in' nobody dares to be different anymore. We see girls wearing trendy clothes and trendy make up designs but where are the real them? Do we really honestly like these 'trends' or do we just follow it because everyone is doing so? Why are we so caught up in being who we are not when all we can be is ourselves. Honestly, I sometimes follow the trend too, but it comes to a point whereby by the end of the day, I figured that its too common and since everyone's doing it, why should I? I'm the type of person who lo-o-o-o-oves wearing dark clothes with tons of accessories. Followed by eyeliner, dark lipstick and sometimes nail polish. And unfortunately for me, being 'gothic' or shit is somewhat trending now and suddenly everyone wanna be punk and stuff. Wearing chokers and creepers and idk. Don't get me wrong, it looks good on some people. But for the others, its just not your style. 

Good that you have confidence to wear something different, but really.. Why not just be true to yourself? I know i've said this countless of times that everyone is beautiful in their own way. And yes, that is true. The only thing I'm trying to add is that girls.. You should have your own originality. Instead of following the trend that everyone is doing, why not try being different instead? And one day, someone will follow you and make it a trend. (cycle goes on, agh, that shit is annoying sometimes) 

I'm not hating on anyone, I promise! Because I have no right to judge. All in all, I like seeing girls happy the way they are. Not trying too hard to impress. Oh, and I saluuuuute people who wear sweatshirts to Town. You sure have a lot of guts (and a lot of staring eyes too). It just shows that you dgaf about what people think of the clothes you wear. I mean, everyone should have the right to dress the way they like, right? 


Long life the freedom the dress however the hell we want. *inserts a bitch emoji*  

Monday, December 8, 2014

post title

Have you ever thought back and ask yourself.. "Could I have done better?" "What if I choose that instead of this?"

If you had the power to change one decision from your past, what would it be? Why must it be THAT decision, why not others? How much impact did it make, to make who you are are today. Do you think by changing that one decision of your life will make what your life now, better?
We all think it will.. But have ever stop to think about that what we were before, made us who we are now. There is always a reason why things from the past changed the way we act and the way we think. Be it bad or good, there will always be a reason and an answer to it. Some make us worst, like, we were a happy kid before and after that one choice, we became part of the darkness.
Some are good, like, we were quiet and anti social before but now, we changed to a smiley and happy go lucky kid.

Like I said, things happen for a reason. Some may not believe that, especially people who are pessimistic. But sometimes, we have to look at things at a different light. Are you stuck in a hole and you think that no one can save you?
Then dont stay in that hole, look for something that will help you get out. Don't stay in there and wait for your savior. Get up and stop crying like a little bitch. DO SOMETHING. Why stay in one corner when there is so many things that you can do?
Why trap yourself in a small black box when you can do so much more?
Its the same thing..
Why remember the past that will only make your present suffer? Why keep thinking about changing it, when we are so far from it? Changing it will make a difference, yes. But will it teach you the failures that you have faced so far? Will it teach you how to become a better person?
Why blame the things that we did in our past, when what we can blame is ourselves who keep remembering the things that we did, and the choices that we should have made. Stop, just stop looking back. Move forward.
It doesnt matter anymore, you can't cry about it anymore. What difference will it make, because we WILL NEVER have a chance to go back. We have to live life to its fullest, and take whatever  comes to us. I may sound stern and mean, but in all honesty, this is the truth. What else can we do?

We make a mistake, learn from it, and in the future, we know that we shouldnt do the same mistake twice.

Imagine if you tried changing your past and you did the 'right' thing. You wont learn from your mistake and instead, do the mistake in the FUTURE and it most probably will be worst because you're older. So can't you see? Open your eyes and believe that most of the things happen because of a reason. And if you can't find that particular reason, then get up, get out and explore the things that you have never explored before. The reason to your life may be hiding somewhere, or it got lost, trying to find its way to you.

I know, its difficult to stop thinking about what we used to do in our past. I think about it too, if you read my previous post. But after a long night of thinking, I guess, it happened for a reason. Sure, it may be a bad or a good idea to have choosen that choice, but if we fail, we can only get up and try again.

 and again. and again. and again.

Until we succeed and are finally able to be happy kids.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

oh mirror

We wake up every morning to look in the mirror, 
rubbing our tired eyes to make everything clearer. 
What we see was something to our horror, 
just plain, creepy terror. 
Our eyes show us our imperfections, 
we push ourselves to near destruction.
The food we eat became a sinful item, 
at night we get so very frightened. 
By the fact that with every small savory bite, 
we would try to pour it out all night. 

Why can't we stop to see? 
That no matter what, beautiful is what we'll ever be. 
Beauty in every shape and sizes, 
don't need for anymore disguises. 
Eat what we love, 
its the one thing we can never get sick of. 

Freckles on her cheeks, 
Scars on her hand, 
don't mean she's weak. 
it don't mean she's banned, 
from making the happiness she deserves. 
from making the happiness she reserves. 

As we slowly walk towards the glass reflection, 
what we wish to not see are our imperfections. 
But as each day goes by, 
we don't have to be shy.
Get up, get out and try.
Be yourself, bring out that smile, 
walk that walk , slide with style. 

Why do we always bring ourselves down?
I wish you could see how you look with that red gown.
Beautiful and happy, 
sassy and classy. 

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