Saturday, December 27, 2014

candy & cocaine

Everyone is so caught up in 'fitting in' nobody dares to be different anymore. We see girls wearing trendy clothes and trendy make up designs but where are the real them? Do we really honestly like these 'trends' or do we just follow it because everyone is doing so? Why are we so caught up in being who we are not when all we can be is ourselves. Honestly, I sometimes follow the trend too, but it comes to a point whereby by the end of the day, I figured that its too common and since everyone's doing it, why should I? I'm the type of person who lo-o-o-o-oves wearing dark clothes with tons of accessories. Followed by eyeliner, dark lipstick and sometimes nail polish. And unfortunately for me, being 'gothic' or shit is somewhat trending now and suddenly everyone wanna be punk and stuff. Wearing chokers and creepers and idk. Don't get me wrong, it looks good on some people. But for the others, its just not your style. 

Good that you have confidence to wear something different, but really.. Why not just be true to yourself? I know i've said this countless of times that everyone is beautiful in their own way. And yes, that is true. The only thing I'm trying to add is that girls.. You should have your own originality. Instead of following the trend that everyone is doing, why not try being different instead? And one day, someone will follow you and make it a trend. (cycle goes on, agh, that shit is annoying sometimes) 

I'm not hating on anyone, I promise! Because I have no right to judge. All in all, I like seeing girls happy the way they are. Not trying too hard to impress. Oh, and I saluuuuute people who wear sweatshirts to Town. You sure have a lot of guts (and a lot of staring eyes too). It just shows that you dgaf about what people think of the clothes you wear. I mean, everyone should have the right to dress the way they like, right? 


Long life the freedom the dress however the hell we want. *inserts a bitch emoji*  


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