Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Being so left out among the crowd,
I wish my words were heard out loud.
Only called when needed, 
throwing me away when work was completed. 
Doing things that I never enjoyed, 
they never knew I was this annoyed. 


Never have I felt so alone,
I'm standing in this world on my own.
Done being pushed and tossed away,
I'll make sure these motherfuckers pay. 

Shit, why did I let it get over me?
I had the chance, the chance to flea. 
To fly away from my wicked mind,
Oh why was I so blind? 
My thoughts taunted me with revenge and anger, 
to throw them with words like a fast going dagger. 
I shouldn't fight them with the emotions I've kept for so long, 
but then they'll never know that what they did was wrong.

no,,, I shouldn't let this thinking overcome me. 
The consequences I should oversee. 
I'll destroy them with my bare hands, 
my feelings, no one ever understands.
Now they'll feel what I feel, 
as before me, I shall make them kneel.
Begging me for the safety of their lives,
but to me... no one survives.
This pain that I will let them suffer, 
which soon will only get tougher and rougher.

I sat down on a big, black chair, 
laughing, as I watch them crying in despair. 
'They're finally suffering.'  was the last words I said, 
as slowly, one by one, dead. 


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