Thursday, December 4, 2014

oh mirror

We wake up every morning to look in the mirror, 
rubbing our tired eyes to make everything clearer. 
What we see was something to our horror, 
just plain, creepy terror. 
Our eyes show us our imperfections, 
we push ourselves to near destruction.
The food we eat became a sinful item, 
at night we get so very frightened. 
By the fact that with every small savory bite, 
we would try to pour it out all night. 

Why can't we stop to see? 
That no matter what, beautiful is what we'll ever be. 
Beauty in every shape and sizes, 
don't need for anymore disguises. 
Eat what we love, 
its the one thing we can never get sick of. 

Freckles on her cheeks, 
Scars on her hand, 
don't mean she's weak. 
it don't mean she's banned, 
from making the happiness she deserves. 
from making the happiness she reserves. 

As we slowly walk towards the glass reflection, 
what we wish to not see are our imperfections. 
But as each day goes by, 
we don't have to be shy.
Get up, get out and try.
Be yourself, bring out that smile, 
walk that walk , slide with style. 

Why do we always bring ourselves down?
I wish you could see how you look with that red gown.
Beautiful and happy, 
sassy and classy. 


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