Monday, December 8, 2014

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Have you ever thought back and ask yourself.. "Could I have done better?" "What if I choose that instead of this?"

If you had the power to change one decision from your past, what would it be? Why must it be THAT decision, why not others? How much impact did it make, to make who you are are today. Do you think by changing that one decision of your life will make what your life now, better?
We all think it will.. But have ever stop to think about that what we were before, made us who we are now. There is always a reason why things from the past changed the way we act and the way we think. Be it bad or good, there will always be a reason and an answer to it. Some make us worst, like, we were a happy kid before and after that one choice, we became part of the darkness.
Some are good, like, we were quiet and anti social before but now, we changed to a smiley and happy go lucky kid.

Like I said, things happen for a reason. Some may not believe that, especially people who are pessimistic. But sometimes, we have to look at things at a different light. Are you stuck in a hole and you think that no one can save you?
Then dont stay in that hole, look for something that will help you get out. Don't stay in there and wait for your savior. Get up and stop crying like a little bitch. DO SOMETHING. Why stay in one corner when there is so many things that you can do?
Why trap yourself in a small black box when you can do so much more?
Its the same thing..
Why remember the past that will only make your present suffer? Why keep thinking about changing it, when we are so far from it? Changing it will make a difference, yes. But will it teach you the failures that you have faced so far? Will it teach you how to become a better person?
Why blame the things that we did in our past, when what we can blame is ourselves who keep remembering the things that we did, and the choices that we should have made. Stop, just stop looking back. Move forward.
It doesnt matter anymore, you can't cry about it anymore. What difference will it make, because we WILL NEVER have a chance to go back. We have to live life to its fullest, and take whatever  comes to us. I may sound stern and mean, but in all honesty, this is the truth. What else can we do?

We make a mistake, learn from it, and in the future, we know that we shouldnt do the same mistake twice.

Imagine if you tried changing your past and you did the 'right' thing. You wont learn from your mistake and instead, do the mistake in the FUTURE and it most probably will be worst because you're older. So can't you see? Open your eyes and believe that most of the things happen because of a reason. And if you can't find that particular reason, then get up, get out and explore the things that you have never explored before. The reason to your life may be hiding somewhere, or it got lost, trying to find its way to you.

I know, its difficult to stop thinking about what we used to do in our past. I think about it too, if you read my previous post. But after a long night of thinking, I guess, it happened for a reason. Sure, it may be a bad or a good idea to have choosen that choice, but if we fail, we can only get up and try again.

 and again. and again. and again.

Until we succeed and are finally able to be happy kids.


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