Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crazy Monkey Love.

I wonder by sitting here alone in the dark, 
is it better than sitting with someone else at the park? 
A missing piece disappeared today, 
and my heart is slowly going astray. 
Maybe it was the wrong decision, 
but it was for the better, if i were to envision.
Wouldn't it be better to just end right here, 
rather than to just disappear? 
I left with the words that no one wanted to listen, 
and slowly, we are driven away with distance. 
Everywhere, there will be memories I hold dear, 
and sometimes, visions of you just appear. 
I would never lie that I loved you, 
I'm sorry this was all so out of the blue. 
I taste the salt that was the tears 
filled with unhappiness and fears. 
To never finding myself again,
only live my life with sorrow and pain.  

Bittersweet memories that I reminisce
once, my heart was filled with pure bliss
But everything had to end, 
right now, we arent even best of friends.
But I promise that everything will be okay,
and one day your heart will never be as gray. 
To find someone that will bless you with so much happiness, 
no more crazy monkey love madness.

  1. Envision - picture to oneself; imagine possible
  2. Reminisce -  indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.
  3. Bliss -  a state of extreme happiness
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