Friday, March 27, 2015

don't be afraid, just go with it

To fall in love, was never my plan. 
But whats this? Im starting all over again. 
I tell myself to never trust. 
After the last was filled with hate and disgust.
Yet you got my heart beating.
Your words never made me stop believing.
That maybe i should try again. 
To find the love i haven't obtain.
Could I have you by my side?
to you i have always confide.

But what would i do if i mess up? 
What if my life is just filled with back luck?
Fear of not being enough, the fear that the challenges will be rough.
I don't know what made me think this way,.
Why has my heart turn to the darkest shade of gray?
The confidence that I used to show to the world,
why it used to bloom yet now its just whorled.
I wish I was able to change back to the mindset that I've developed,
blocking all unknown things that were irrelevant.
I wish i never had to choose in the first place,
which decision i'm confident to embrace.

Maybe ill get up and get on going. For I am forever finding.
as to the real reason of my birth,
but maybe, just maybe, I'll even find my self-worth.
The journey won't be easy, that i expect,
for i will walk this road as i reflect.
Have i done the right this far?
or have i wounded myself with dangerous scars?
That will pull me back once i've become stronger,
and push me back to the past that i am no longer.

The way you speak, they way you make my heart flutter,
i don't wish for our fate to shatter.
I'm trying my best to go with the flow,
never to rush things and stick to what I know.

I will never expect greater things,
for i am happy with what happiness my life brings.

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