Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Its been awhile since I blogged and the last time I did, I was sure a depressing kid. But hey, we go through ups and downs and what matters the most is that we get through it, only to get stronger.

The thing about humans is that its difficult for us to let go. We love the person too much and when they hurt us the most, we can't bare to let everything go. I'm not saying this from personal experience because I let go when it comes to the point where I don't feel loved, we fight every single day, communication gets lesser and I cry every time. Now now, you can't say that I didn't fight for the relationship. 

I did.

I fought so hard for it. I try everything single thing, even things that forces me to put down my pride. But if all fails, I just pack up and leave. Because what's the point of staying in a relationship if both of you are unhappy? I never liked staying with a person who makes me feel so small and insecure. If you doubt me, there's a chance I might never treat you the same way as before. 
Narrow minded as it seems, I just don't want to get hurt even more.

I know love is a big thing. And girls, most of em, not all of em, wants to be the one who changes the guy for the better. Like those 'playboy turn in to a loyal boyfriend after this girl' type of lame ass cliche story. Of course we all love our partners and we will do whatever it takes to keep the relationship fresh and ongoing.

But what if the guy/girl:
(a) Stops texting you sweetly, or when you first met
(b) abuse is becoming a thing between the both of you
(c) you find yourself crying even more
(d) he/she finds reasons to go out with his mates and not you
(e) you just don't feel happy to be in this relationship.

What if? Would you really want to waste your precious time in this godforsaken relationship? Just dump his or her sorry ass and move on. I'm not saying that yguys should not work things out. I'm just saying that if all fails, just move on. Take him or her as a stepping stone to finding a better one in the future. 
Learn from your mistakes and never choose someone like him or her.
We are humans and we have flaws. 
We can't just expect a perfect partner to be staring at us right in the face. There are things that we have to accept. But there are limits in what you can take in.

Love is something that stops us from facing reality. But seriously and honestly speaking, why stay when you can get up and move on? 
Why stay and waste your beautiful tears on something so trivial? 
Your girlfriends and boyfriends are just part and parcel of life. They come and go.
But what about your friends? Your family? 
Why waste your fuhken time crying over that pathetic fool when you can go out with your friends and not give a single fuck about partners and relationships? 

I've had enough of people coming to me and saying that they're not happy in this relationship. And even though I don't like becoming the deciding factor, I always say what I honestly feel.

And what I really feel is that if he or she is not keeping you happy, then I don't see a reason why you should still hang on. 

Cause who knows, he or she might be cheating on you.

*touches wood* 


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