Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Flowers on my head, demons in my mind x

Everyone knows I'm the most unmotivated person in the whole wide world. I mean, there might be people who are worst than I am but I'm saying that for those who has me as their friend, they would know that motivating me is the most difficult task ever. I would even bet that if you give them $5000 dollars just to motivate me, I think people who reject the task or would end up failing miserably.

I'm the type of person who doesn't bother thinking about many things but I do think of things that doesn't benefit me at all. Exams and tests? Its so difficult for me to studying until like a day before the actual exam. I tend to overthink and get jealous when other people talk to my friends and I'm left in the corner alone. I have no particular goal in life. I wanted to be and author at first, then a councilor then a forklift driver. My goals are never fixed, just like my hair. A wild mane in the loose.


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