Saturday, August 13, 2016

I walk the line

It kinda hurts, right here and right now. How I left everything behind me and then suddenly, things don't go the way you wanted it to. Everything just changes and the words that he spoke was the sentences and phrases that you would never expect. Is it because I'm not good enough or is it because you don't trust me? What makes you think that I can't go through shit together with you?
Its so unfair when two people like each other yet one decides that they can't be together. Just because of something that happened in the past. Just because it happened with them, what makes you think the same things would happen with me?
Its so unfair because you treated me so well. You made me happy and then you destroyed my heart at that moment. I took me a while to realize what was finally happening and then I cried.

Are these just excuses? Half-hearted things never end well. Then why the f* did you even talk to me? Why did you even text me and buy me food? Why did go lengths and travel around just for me and made me believe that we could be something?

Why did you make this young girl believe such a lie?

Are you a coward, or do you just find it hard to put you trust in me?
Because I'm weird, I'm twisted and I'm sensitive. I think I would be able to understand what it feels like even though I can't say it. I can't express it.

It kinda hurts, right here and right now. When you tell me that we can never be together. When you tell me you like me but you can't be someone more than a friend to me.

Tell me how should I feel? Tell me what I should do?

Don't tell me to fucking give up because its not as easy as it seems. I can't fall in love with someone so much and then just "forget about it." I'm human, not a fuhken robot.

Don't play with my heart, please. I beg of you.

Why did you try when you know this will never work out?


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