Monday, August 1, 2016


Why does Leia cry at night for no reason? She lay down on her bed and tell herself how unimportant she is and just starts crying. She imagines herself dead and how the funeral would be. How people will forget her the next day and how no one will cry for her. Leia imagines herself trapped in a room, begging for someone to help her. 
She never escaped. 
For 6 years she was locked inside that dark room. On some days, the door would open and she could do whatever she wants, but something keeps leading her back to her room and lock herself in there for another how many more months. 
Leia trusts people too easily and once, she had emotions for the first time. She felt as though her chest was beating once again. It feels as though her stomach had butterflies. 
but what went wrong? Everything came crashing down, tearing her apart and the room she was trapped in became smaller. It became darker and before she knew it, she couldn't see anything except for pure darkness. 
The colour of the room was the same as the colour of her soul. 
She was empty.

What happened? Leia used to be such a happy girl before. She used to be the person who makes the people around her laugh and smiles. She was the the one person anyone could lean on and talk to. But what has led her to become as dark as the night? She asks herself that everyday but she never got the answer. When will she realize that the only person that is hurting her, is herself? When will she realize that she should stop putting her heart in everything and everyone before getting hurt? 
Leia, you're so stupid.
Why won't you listen and just do as I say. Why can't you just forget the stuffs around you and run away? 
Leave the world with me, its better for you out there. Staying here will only make you sadder than you already are. Why hang on into the slim thread of "hope" that someone will save you? 

No one will.
Because no one dares. 

Leia, is me. 


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