Saturday, August 27, 2016

teen idle

Why do we feel so much? Why are we always trusting the wrong people and end up never to trust the next new person in line? Its so funny how we thought that we are old enough to make our decisions into choosing what kind of friends or lovers but we never truly learn our mistakes until the end comes. We still rely on the help given into choosing something that is "good for us." But what happens what the choices you make ended up being the bad one? 
You cry, you break and you forget how to feel happy again. We got so many people around us, yet why do we still feel alone? It feels like there's truly no one who will care about you, yet you still try to reach out to everyone else. You are always the person to call people out because you know no one will do the same. You are afraid of being alone, but you already know that you already are. That people will only start missing you and think about you when you are gone, dead. And after a day of two, the whole world forgets you ever existed because you never mattered. Have you ever felt like so? Have you ever felt like killing yourself every single day but you never had the guts to because you believe that you still have a chance in making your life better? 
Yet why do we still think of death every single day. 
Even though we know that deep down, "everything will be okay someday." 

Because that "someday", hasn't come yet. It is'int here currently so we can't bring ourselves to believe that everything will be a-okay. We still feel hurt from the shit life gives us and cry every single night, hoping that the pain will leave our hearts. Begging to God that the "someday" everyone talks about, will come very soon. We're so tired of dealing the same things every day, we're so tired of having our emotions played with, we're so tired of living. Its difficult hiding behind a smiley faced mask. Its difficult pretending that nothing is secretly stabbing your chest  ten thousand times. Its difficult to not show the tears that we are holding back every time we sit in the bus and relatable songs starts to play. 

Why do we hurt so much? 


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